Fashion 2020: Color Trends for Beauty

“The color that you stand for is the color that is going to be successful,”

Fashion Snoops co-founder and president Lilly Berelovich.

It could not be denied that the colors and their representation play a key role in the fashion industry. How industries incorporate colors in their collections is not a piece of cake. As brands use colors as tools to empower, soothe, provoke and strengthen their overall narrative so it worth knowing which colors are on the table for the year 2020.

Berelovich revealed five essential colors that will be a highlight in 2020. Themes will be drive based on these colors for beauty, fashion, home, and accessories.

Another philosophy behind having these colors on board is inspired by ongoing cultural movements that are rooted in activism, sustainability and mindfulness. So the shades which will be carried into the new decade are vivid, pure, optimistic and clear.

A sneak peek of fashion top colors in 2020 are:

  • Since the fashion trends were comfortable with the navy and gray colors but now this trend has been shifted to the brown color. As the time changes so do the choices of the new generation, so now brown is termed as the reliable neutral to equipoise the season’s lighter, more playful colors like bright orange, red, off-white and blue. This color is a graceful extension for neutral colors such as rust or mauve like-browns and also acts as a stabilizer for bold colors.
  • The flashiest color in Fashion Snoops’ color card was whitened neon yellow that arouses curiosity. It has a citrus and green touch which makes it feel acid. To seize the consumer’s excitement, this color gives off electric energy. This color also accompanies soft shades such as pink, blue and pastel coral plus could also serve as a pop color with a tone of deep brown or gray.
  • Purple color is here to replace green. An authentic alternative which is the color of intuition. Deep purple shade can also be combined with colors like navy, gray and brown. Besides, it also acts as a foundation to lighter colors like gold and orange. 
  • This season keep an eye on the crisp, clear atmospheric blue because it is an essential shade for this season’s aquatic and cosmic essence. This color symbolizes mental transparency. So this year consumers could expect ozone color in many shades by the brands.


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